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Mapsery 2.0 is live

Aug 15, 2018 | Mapsery | 0 comments

>After months of work, we’re happy to announce that Mapsery 2.0 is finally here. This new and improved version of Mapsery comes with a bunch of new features that we hope that you will like. So, let’s go through them!

First of all, Mapsery 2.0 is the result of the feedback that we’ve received from you; our customers and followers. We’ve listened eagerly to your great ideas on how our product could be improved and here is the result. Once again – a big thank you to all of you!

1. Eight new colors

Our maps can now be ordered in eight new colors, from previously four. All color schemes have also been given more depth thanks to the introduction of a secondary background color. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment and tell us!

For the curious minds, I can reveal that the map above is part of downtown Dallas.

2. Four new text layouts

With the launch of Mapsery 2.0, we’ve introduced four new text layouts. We believe that the new text layouts do a great job in complementing each other and hopefully there’s one for everyone and every home. However, Just like before, you still have the option to hide the labels if you want a map without text.

The four new text layouts: Classic, Elegant, Modern and Neat

3. Improved map data

The map data itself has been improved. What we mean by that is that it now includes more map features. Our old maps included only the most trivial features of a map, such as water, land area and road networks (motorways, highways, residential roads, pedestrian roads, bridges etc.). To spice things up, we’ve added many more map features for the launch of Mapsery 2.0.

The main feature is probably that we’ve included buildings that can be seen when zoomed in. Our hope is that this change will give less populated ares a facelift and make your map poster a little more interesting when zoomed in. It also means that it’s now possible for you to capture a map of the very house that you grew up in.

A somewhat zoomed in map of Stockholm, Sweden. Buildings can be seen in light grey.

Other new features include: airports, ski lifts, woods and forests, basins and reservoirs, bicycle paths, footways, staircases as well as paths and tracks. The reason as to why we added these map features was to make our maps more accurate, without compromising on its clean and minimalistic look.

4. More is coming soon…

Rest assured that more features are in our pipeline! 2.0 is just the beginning 😉