.Give the perfect gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give to someone you care about? Can’t decide between a poster of Sydney or Melbourne? What color scheme to use? With or without coordinates? If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! 

A gift card is always appreciated and many people prefer to design their own custom map poster. In fact, a gift card for a map poster might just be the perfect gift as every poster is 100% unique and personal. You can of course make a qualified guess (especially if you know the person well), but chances are that a gift card is a safer bet.

We get it. It’s of course nice to hand over a printed poster in person, but sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. In those cases, a gift card is the ideal solution. A gift card is also a good idea if you’re short on time and needs the perfect gift in an instant. 

.How does it work?

To order a gift card is easy. Start by choosing your preferred amount (the pre-selected amounts reflect the prices of our posters). Once purchased, the gift card will be sent to your inbox as a PDF in A4 format, ready to be printed and given away. The PDF is editable and all the text fields can be edited to make the gift card more personal. Want to leave a handwritten note? Simply remove the text in the editable text fields and write a note by hand.  

Gift Card


The gift card will be sent to the email address that you enter at the point of purchase and can then be downloaded as an editable PDF, ready to be printed.

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.Is a custom map poster on your wish list?

If so, why don’t you send a hint to the person that you think should buy you a gift card for a map poster? You get the perfect gift and the giver saves a lot of time trying to find the perfect gift. A typical win-win situation if you ask us!