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Learn the story about mapsery and get to know the team

.Our story

Our story begins with a failed business idea that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

It all started in the winter of 2017 when we felt a need to decorate our spaces with personal art, with true meaning. Sure, there were plenty of good-looking stock posters on the market, but they came without meaning. They were nice to look at, but, at the same time, extremely boring to look at.

So, we started to think about how personal posters could become a reality. At first, we looked to create posters for couples and families that would change shape and color based on user input such as names, the number of family members, date of marriage and so forth. Although we liked the idea, it became clear to us that it was a hard task to create graphical representations of families and couples that were good-looking and truly unique at the same time. We decided to drop the idea and moved on. Luckily, this was all it took for us to turn to custom map posters and to create Mapsery. In retrospect, we’re happy that our first idea didn’t work out, because this one did.

.Our guiding ideas

Regular posters are boring

While they can be nice to look at, they are also extremely dull and boring. Why settle for less?

Art should be meaningful

Decorate your walls with meaningful art, rather than with off-the-shelf mass produced posters.

You are the creator

You design it, we print it & deliver it. That’s what we call great team work!

.What is Mapsery?

Mapsery is a platform that let’s you create, design and order beautiful map posters of the places you love.

With Mapsery, you can create a custom map poster of any location on the face of the earth! From the Amazon rainforest and the African Deserts to the Russian Tundra and the Arctic Circle and everything in between. Just enter your preferred location, adjust the level of zoom and decide on a theme and style that matches your criteria for an awesome looking map poster.

Want a map of London or New York? You got it! Want a map of the middle of nowhere? No problemo! With the world at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination.

Simply put, Mapsery let’s you frame the places you love: the place where you grew up, fell in love or perhaps where you went to university. Not to mention that unforgettable trip you went on a few years ago. Which place do you wish to eternalise by hanging it on your wall?

.Meet the team

Love Regefalk

Love Regefalk


5th year engineering student

Daniel Regefalk

Daniel Regefalk


5th year engineering student.