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5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Apr 7, 2017 | Inspiration | 0 comments

Whether you’ve just moved or lived in your home for many years, you know that decorating is a never-ending process. And tackling a big, blank wall can be a challenge even for the most artsy of people.

But who says art needs to be so darn complicated? We found 5 simple and creative art projects to decorate an otherwise boring wall that we just had to share with you.

Set Up an Artsy Bookshelf

I don’t know about you, but this makes us want to dive right into a good book and get lost in its story for a couple of hours.

Even though many of us choose to read via an iPad or Kindle these days, we are still bookworms deep down. Bookshelves give a blank wall a museum-like feeling and the warmth and character of a book really is hard to beat.

Plot twist: what if I say you don’t have to be a bookworm to take on this decoration project… That’s right guys. Bookshelves do in fact double duty as storage space for books as well as display collected treasures and accessories. Learn how to decorate the bookshelves so that they are both fully functional and pleasing to the eye. Whether the books are arranged alphabetically, generically from one genre bleeding into the next, by color or randomly (read: artistically) put together is up to you!

Hang Up a Tapestry

Do you have a beautiful drape lying around the house that you thought only grandma would want? Some old blankets that you don’t use anymore? Or are you planning on buying yourself a tapestry soon? Hang those babies up and transform your home into a hippie heaven!

Hanging tapestries is in fact a super easy way to add design to your blank walls. They can easily be hung up – and taken down – which is great for showcasing your style in more temporary homes.

And hey, don’t forget the “big” benefit of using a tapestry – it’s such an affordable big piece of art! So get on it and look forward to enjoy your insta-worthy moment laying on the couch or in bed watching your tapestry.

Get Lit

It’s a no-brainer that lights can set the mood and create a visual impact in our homes. (Not to mention when put in the bedroom, lights will seriously upgrade your sleeping situation.)

Even though many people associate strings of light with the holidays, they can be such a modern and simple home decor accessory any time of the year. Just bring the traditional outdoor hanging globe lights and string lights inside to create a warm and chic ambiance. Hang, string, twirl or wrap them – either way will look fabulous.

Create a Gallery of Artwork

two gallery walls

Cover your wall with a variety of drawings and posters, uniquely put together by you. Let your imagination flow while mixing and matching different sizes, motives, and colors to create a gallery of artwork that is meaningful to you. Read our blog post on how to build a gallery wall to get started.

While you can mix and match however you want, our very biased selves like to think that a gallery wall looks even better when art pieces are complemented around a Mapsery poster (or two). Design a unique poster of a place that is meaningful to you and let the poster remind you of that special place every time you take a glance at it on the wall.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

You are extraordinary and so is your home. Your mirror should reflect (pun intended!) that.

Regardless of where you put one, mirrors are a great way to reflect light, make a space appear bigger, and open up a room. It also offers a smooth way to take a look at your good-looking self everyday.

Group several smaller mirrors together in a visually pleasing way or use a full-size mirror to make a dramatic statement. Mirrors can be hung in every room of the house, but a favorite spot of ours is the living room where it can be the center of attention and reflect the most light.